Mohit Agrawal

I served as deputy policy director and advisor to Gov. Ned Lamont of Connecticut from 2019-2021 and spearheaded a variety of public policy initiatives.

These initiatives include:

  1. high-profile cannabis legalization effort resulting in clearing 270K criminal convictions and creating a new $73MM revenue source for state;
  2. landmark reform of unemployment system that reduces taxes on 70% of businesses while maintaining benefit levels, improving solvency, and creating the country's highest-quality enhanced wage record;
  3. high-priority education/workforce legislation that improves access and equity in college admissions by creating the Connecticut Automatic Admissions Program and creates new pathways for entry into high-demand, high-paying occupations; and
  4. overhauling the state's 30-year old program for identification, treatment, and prevention of childhood lead poisoning. The legislation will provide thousands of children with lead poisoning with access to services, and will result in thousands of housing units being remediated annually. The legislation was adopted unanimously by the General Assembly.