Mohit Agrawal

Published Papers

Mohit Agrawal, Joe Altonji, and Rick Mansfield. "Quantifying family, school, and location effects in the presence of complementarities and sorting." Journal of Labor Economics 37.S1 (2019): S11-S83.

In this work, Joe Altonji, Rick Mansfield, and I extend the Altonji-Mansfield model for selection on unobservables to:

  1. Disaggregate location vs school effects after accounting for peer effects. We show that under reasonable assumptions, our model provides an upper bound on peer effects (and thus a lower bound on school effects). We find that for student outcomes, neighborhood effects are close to 0, but that school and commuting-zone effects are quite important.
  2. Test whether vertical school quality has a heterogeneous effect on student outcomes. We find no evidence for this type of heterogeneity.

Samyukta Mullangi, Mohit Agrawal, and Kevin Schulman. "The COVID-19 pandemic—An opportune time to update medical licensing." JAMA Internal Medicine 181.3 (2021).

Samyukta Mullangi, Mohit Agrawal, and Barak Richman. "Noncompete Agreements—The Need for a Refresh." The New England Journal of Medicine (2022).

This set of papers argues that the rise of virtual medical care both challenges and requires changes to traditional modes of labor and occupational restrictions on physicians. These changes may also be applicable to other professional service occupations in which work is increasingly virtual.